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Addicted Magnetic Lash Kit
Natasha Lerdkhuntod
Easy and amazing

With out my friends I wouldn’t know how good of your product, and I definitely keep telling all my friends or who I know about you and supporting you xx


These lashes are very addictive once you start wearing them U won't want 2 stop I haven't.Grab a lash kit now!

Magnetic lashes

I tried magnetic lashes for the first time and I will never go back to glue on lashes. It’s so much simpler to use and to get better results with. The magnetic liner was super easy to apply and the lashes stuck on so well. I absolutely love them!

Better Than Expected!

I already have a pair of the Hypnotize Lashes with the magnetic liner but needed another pair! Due to the Holiday sale, I wanted to try the clear adhesive lashes for the days I don't wanna put on a full face but still want a bit of glam and thought it was the right time to snag them! These were perfect and they still stuck out really nicely! I wear them almost everyday now!!

Love my lashes!

Absolutely LOVE my lashes. First time magnetic lash user and love that I can pick which to wear. Have recommended to friends and family. Thanks Addictalash!


These are a genius piece of pure artwork! Tidy fast elegant non messy. Everything a woman wanting to look extra good fast. Impressed! Recommended & have a sister in law purchasing some too.

👌 perfect

Luv theses new 10 magnets I have even more staying power and as always the lashes are gorgeous and I won't buy any others this is my go to brand.

Juicy Magnetic Lash Kit - 10 MAGNET

This eyelashes changed my mind. Easier than what I thought and make me beautiful every day. Love❤️ it.

Love Magnetic Lash Kit
Lisa Zoumboulakis

I'm so happy with my lashes they wear great look great and make you feel great. Easy to clean and look after. I bought a pack you had available withI 3 different lash looks magnetic mascara and specialised tweezers.I recently wore the perfection lashes at my daughters wedding they were so beautiful I felt so good and I got alot of positive comments. I had never wore fake lashes before and am so happy I bought magnetic lashes. Addictalash if there were 10 stars I pick them.👍😁

Absolutely love them!!!

I love my pixy and hypnotise lashes. I have very sensitive eyes and can’t get lash extensions done without have a allergic reaction, so having lashes I can apply quickly every morning (pixie) is amazing and makes me feel so good for the day. Then having the option to wear fuller ones for outings. Love them so much. Thank you so much for making a product that is of great quality and strong to withhold anything during the day.

I can’t live without AddictaLash

Honestly, so easy to apply. I love the different styles you can choose from.
And they look absolutely amazing!
I’ll never go back to lash extensions or falsies again!

Amazing Lashes

These lashes are super easy to use no mess I will definitely be making more orders very impressed.


These are amazing! They feel light, are easy to apply. 10/10 would recommend!

Makes me pretty

love this lashes, all of them. i have used like more then 5 products from Addicatalash.
very easy to put on, even tho you dont know how to do make up.
especially dont comes off easily ! its very strong, you can use it anytime like going on a pool party, trip, even like during the storm lol.
cant wait to try new products as well !
100000% recommended <3

Love Magnetic Lash Kit
Surprisingly good

I wanted to try these lashes out as I am hopelessly a beginner in all areas of makeup, but especially eye makeup. I use eyelashes once every blue moon to feel pretty but I have never applied them myself as I have found the process to be too frustrating and did not have time to find out about the best glue, the best eyelashes etc.
The pros: AddictaLash makes this process very easy with the concept of magnetic lashes! And they do work pretty well, I must admit. I also loved how they included step by step guides on how to apply the eyeliner which was a MUST READ for me and actually helped me A LOTTTTT. I liked the discounted price I paid for the set of 3 eyelashes plus magnetic eyeliner and I would pay it again if it was also a discount. Luckily, they have been sending me vouchers for more discounts on future purchases so I think it’s safe to say I’ll be purchasing again. Their customer service is also excellent including on Instagram and I liked the Instant Messaging on their website where I was able to get an answer to my question in less than a minute. That was awesome. Also, the delivery and shipping was very quick, I was really impressed.
Now, about the negatives. The eyeliner itself is very sticky and annoyingly difficult to remove from my eyes even with a waterproof makeup remover. Also, I don’t know if it’s because of how thin I apply the eyeliner, or if I let it dry too much because I'm too slow at applying (for fear of messing up), or if the eyelashes need to be trimmed but I have found with both of the eyelashes I have tried (the Pixy and the Heartbreaker), that the lashes did not quite fit my eyes very well and were not sticking especially in the inner corner of my eye. Perhaps I need to try trimming them so I will do that next. Overall, I really like the concept of these eyelashes as well as the fact that apparently each pair can be used up to 50 times with proper cleaning (which I am making sure to do after each use with Micellar water) so I think that’s pretty good use and value of money. Let's just say I will be enjoying doing my eye makeup much more from now on!
(Heartbreaker lashes in my picture)

So far so good!

Have only tried them twice, but so far so good! Relatively easy to use and they do look amazing! Will get even easier to use with more practice!!

First time buyer and wearer

I really love this product ,first time I have worn lashes and these are super easy and quick to put on .they look awesome ,highly recommend

Addicted Magnetic Lash Kit
Bianca Vaz De Oliveira
Great! Came so quick!

Such amazing quality, comes basically as soon as you order it, gives you that Beyoncé feeling when you have them on and can wear for hours without noticing you have them on. Adore and love the packaging! Such a great company. Inlove with my lashes xx

Best lashes

Really easy to use. And my favourite go to lashes.not to heavy and I can wear them with my glasses

Addicta Lash are now my fave

I use to spend money on false lashes now I don’t worry about spending extra money. I love my lashes and I am so glad I bought two pairs. I will be back for more.

The best decision I made

This product is so amazing, it is so easy to apply and it stays for 24 hrs! With proper care and cleaning the lashes can be used for months. It has tremendously save me a lot of money since I dont have to pay for eyelash extensions every week! I love it! And this has been my third purchase!

Absolutely incredible

I am obsessed with these lashes!! I have never been able to apply fake lashes before but these are so easy! They last all day and I get so many compliments. Can't reccomend highly enough 🥰

Magic lashes❤❤

Ordered the heartbreaker lashes and received them on time.
So easy to use and the volume is amazing. I always struggled with the lashes but these ones work like Magic 💞💞 They are the must havs🤩🤩

Loving these lashes.

I’m so glad to have found your advertisement on FB and thankful to the comments of people who showed that it wasn’t a scam. I’ve been doing makeup for over 5 years and I can finally add lashes to complete my look. They are so easy to apply and feel so comfortable.

Amazing Lashes!!

I’m so in love with Addictalash 😍 I had never used magnetic lashes before but they are super easy to apply and stay on well. Also, the eyeliner is amazing! Nice and sharp, I can draw beautiful lines that stay resilient throughout the day. And you can choose different type of lashes for different occasions! Much better than glue lashes or extensions. You should definitely try them!! Such good quality and can not recommend enough! I LOVE THEM 💖💫✨