Pixy Magnetic Lash Kit
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$71.00$43.00YOU SAVE39%

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Vegan &

Cruelty Free

Pixy AddictaLash are perfect for a natural style with a little touch of glam. Lightweight and wearable for any occasion, you’ll forget you’re wearing them!
Pixy KIT comes with one Luxury magnetic eyeliner and one pair of magnetic eyelashes.

5 magnet ultra-light for better comfort
Natural style
Length: 6mm (INNER), 12mm(CENTER), 6mm(OUTER)
Faux Mink Vegan & Cruelty-Free 
Reusable up to 40 times


  • Money back guarantee

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  • High-Quality

  • Vegan & cruelty-Free

  • No glue

  • Quick and easy to use

  • 5 magnet

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  • FAQ'S


- Shake the bottle before use, and seal the bottle after use.
- Apply AddictaLash Magnetic Eyeliner on your eyelid as you would usual make up, and wait until the eyeliner is slightly dry.
- After the eyeliner is slightly dry, repeat the previous step.
- Refine the eyeliner line for perfect performance.


- Place your AddictaLash as close to your lash bed as possible. We highly recommend getting them as close to your lash line as possible so they blend seamlessly into your natural lashes.


- If you need to remove the eyeliner from your eyelid, please remove the eyeliner with a waterproof eye makeup remover.
- After each use, remove excess eyeliner on eyelash magnets with a cotton swab soaked in makeup remover or scratch gently with your nail, taking care not to detach magnets from the lash band.You need to remove all the residue from the magnets.
- DO NOT use waterproof make-up remover or oily products to clean the magnets or eyelashes.


How many times can I use my eyeliner and eyelashes?

Our magnetic eyeliner has a high-capacity which allow you to use it up to 100 times. The magnetic eyelashes can be used every day for a month or up to 40 times. This is the lifespan of the effectiveness of the magnets on the eyelashes. Of course, if you take care correctly your lashes with cleaning the magnets after each use, you can use the lashes more than 40 times.

What are the ingredients of the eyeliner?

Styrene acrylate copolymer, aqua, 2-propanediol, polyvinyl alcohol, CI77266, Polysorbate 80, Phenoxyethanol, octanol, ethyl glycerol.

Are magnetic eyeliner safe and suitable for sensitive skin?

AddictaLash magnetic eyeliner contains iron oxides and has been tested and declared totally safe for the skin by the TGA and are often used in cosmetics or medicine. There’s no heavy metals or parabens in our formula. We always recommend making sure to pass the allergy test before using this product. There are no know side effects with our magnetic eyeliner. 

Please check carefully our ingredients list, do not use the magnetic eyeliner if you are allergic of one of these ingredients.If you would like additional information about the safety of cosmetics, please contact www.cosmeticsinfo.org.

How to remove the magnetic eyeliner?

From your eyelid: To remove the eyeliner we recommend to start by soaking a cotton pad in waterproof (oily) eye make-up remover. Then, close your eyes and hold the cotton pad against your eyelid for 15 seconds so the product has time to dissolve the eyeliner. After 10-15 seconds, gently wipe the cotton pad along your eyelid.

From the magnets: make sure that after each use, you remove excess eyeliner on eyelash magnets with a cotton swab soaked in NON-OILY makeup remover or scratch gently with your nail, taking care not to detach magnets from the lash band.You need to remove all the residue from the magnets. Otherwise, the next application will fail.
use waterproof make-up remover or oily products on magnets and lashes.

Is your products vegan and animal cruelty free?

Addictalash does not test on animals. Addictalash uses only premium synthetic fibres (faux mink), which gives us the extreme privilege of being certified vegan and animal free-testing. We are proud to be an Official Sponsor of Peta Australia.

What about shipping and delivery?

Your AddictaLash are located in Gold Coast and are lovingly shipped daily! 

We use Sendle and Australia Post so you can track your parcel every step of the way. Orders are dispatch the following day. 

Monday through Friday (excluding bank holidays) Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be processed the following Monday.

We offer FREE shipping worldwide on orders over AUD$50. Please note that shipment time depends on your local post and customs clearance.

We're proud to offer a risk-free money-back guarantee.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Thanks to PIXY

Perfect eyelashes for me!
I brought this to use for daily. Absolutely loved how easy it was to apply and how well the eyelashes stayed on.

Joanne O'Keeffe

I was pretty happy, I wish I could apply the liner better, other than that, it may be a good solution to giving up extensions and letting my natural ones grow back.

Jesicca Yousif
Lovely, natural looking

Lovely lashes, natural/bare look- only used once. First time magnetic lash buyer, I thought I was buying “5 magnet lash” pairs and not 1 pair with 5 magnets, quite pricey. For the price, only OK and will probably stick with my glue pairs. I will see how many uses I get out of them. Hopeful!

Kristhel Asi
Pixy Lashes

Pixy lashes is not as natural looking as I thought it would be but still looks good. need thicker line for lashes according to instructions which makes it not natural. Lashes stayed on the whole night.

Danielle Brown


Trenna Taulealo

It’s great easy to use, several compliments when I wear them.

Brie Greaves

I love my lashes I wear them everyday so easy to use

Tammy Mitchell
Magnetic Eye-liner Lashes

I thought the magnetic eyelashes were a fantastic idea.
I love how you can use them multiple times.
Tyr only issue I had was I had great difficulty trying to get the eye-liner off, I used the oil and my eyes swelled so I used baby wipes instead.

Rowena Lu'uga
Not bad

I tried them on once yes they stick but only after having applied a very thick layer of the liquid liner and also the liquid liner is very hard to get off.